OMG Shoulders!


by 7oi8

Publishing Date: 01/24/2019

Recording Date: 2018

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by 7oi8.
Duration: 1:00:23

Tracklist with original numbering and names:

00 The Floating of a Point

01 No Party for People

02 Aiṓn

04 Fragments

05 Barnið

06 It’s okay, I hold your hand

07 The World ist a fun Place

08 Lightbeams

09 Virtually Everything

10 死のサーカス

11 Resonate with me

12 Who is the Culprit?

13 Caer

14 Nurture

OMG Shoulders! is a concept album. Each track is a tribute to an artist that inspired me throughout my musical journey. Instead of paying homage to the ones already deceased, this album is dedicated to those who are alive and still making music today. Those artists are giants of modern electronic music. The album title reflects that, it’s short for „on modern giant’s shoulders“. I’m standing on these shoulders, like everybody who’s creating is standing on some giant’s shoulders.

There is nothing that evolves out of a vakuum. The wish to start from anew over and over again, is the wish of someone, whose pride stands in the way of his creativity. The album title spoken out loud as „Oh my God, Shoulders!“ represents the mindset of many of todays artists; living in the illusion that their stuff is the new shit, ultimately disregarding their musical roots and overestimating their own work. When the creative mind is narrow, the creation coming from this mind is bound to be narrow as well.

This album is a declaration of my wish to distance myself from this way of thinking. It’s not only good but necessary to accept one’s own immaturity and to learn from more advanced and smarter people for the sake of your own proper development. It only limits one’s own capabilities not to do so.

This album is a tribute to (in alphabetical order):

Aphex Twin, Arca, Boards of Canada, Ben Lukas Boysen (aka HECQ), Max Cooper, Culprate, Eskamon (Amin Tobin & Eskmo), Jon Hopkins, Lorn, múm, Sigur Rós, Andy Stott, Sun Glitters, Christopher Willits.

There are of course a lot more artists that inspired me, but I couldn’t take everyone into account, because otherwise this album would’ve never been released.

Now, it’s up to you to to find out which track belongs to which artist.

Credits goes out to Max Troicher (IG: _max_troy_) who helped me with editing the artwork of the album. Special thanks goes out to Denis Schütze who lend me his bass-guitar to record this album with, but also his ears – not only to give a listen to this album many, many times, but also to listen to my thoughts and complainings while making it, to Michael Engels (Licht:Flut) in always giving his brutal but fair opinion about the stuff I make, including this album, and Katya Bozhkova who helped me to stand through all of this and had not only to endure me through the last hard months, but also gave me strength and picked me back up when being on the ground, literally.