7oi8/Lucas Voss

Finding, shaping and arranging soundwaves for emotional purposes.

Picture by Michael Engels (Licht:Flut)

My Showreel

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My passion for music derived from playing video games in my early age. Since then I’m trying to evoke the same emotional effects that I experienced back then with my music. My first choice to begin was grabbing my fathers guitar and to start playing. The years after I gained experience by performing and writing music for various metal groups. My interests shifted and I wanted to explore new spectrums and different styles within this genre. With the inflationary uprising of progessive metalcore- and „Djent“- bands I noticed this venture as quite silly. To free myself from the limitations of musical genres, I left the scene and started to explore the dephts of electronic music. My interest in deeper notions within the music kept growing during my years of studying Musicology and Philosophy in Düsseldorf. Philosophical-touched problems, thought experiments and ideas concerning acoustics and sound design are the main elements reverberating within my work. My artist name originated while writing my Bachelor thesis about John Cages aleatoric music, smashing my fist randomly on the keyboard in need of a name. I took the first outcome – 7oi8 – and kept it until today. I’m not interested in writing melodies, creating harmonies or rhythms, but rather in evoking something inside the listener. Like musical skill and technique, the musical parameters (melody/harmony/rhythm) are only the tools to create great music. I personally don’t care how good someone is in playing his/her instrument or if he/she is an genius in music production and engineering. All those abilites are tools that should serve the better meaning: That is translating a musical idea into it’s hearable form.

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